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Mission of UC Associates: Bhutan Law Office

Our endeavors are wide and varied, but our most earnest focus is to engage deeply and synchronize with the needs of our clients and guide them in keeping with the laws of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The Firm is easily accessible and approachable at anytime for walk-in clients, over the phone and even on weekends. We strive to be invaluable in business by remaining focused, objective, and effective on any issues affecting our clients. It is evidenced from the moment you make contact with us that we hold our client-server relationship in the utmost regard.

"UC Associates: Bhutan Law Office is committed to providing the highest level of legal service in a thoughtful and confidential manner, where client satisfaction is given priority through personal care, efficient services, accessibility, and unparalled expertise. We are equally dedicated to maintaining a work environment where every employee is recognized as a fundamental part of the organization, thereby encouraging teamwork and individual contribution."



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